About us

Since 1913

Harris, founded in 1913 for the production of military footwear, traditionally builds
high-end footwear using the same concepts as it used to be but always in search of style, entrusting
every step to the most complete attention of man: a total dexterity that remains over time
and that allowed her to build a name of sure reliability over the years.

Over 100 years of history and experience that make Harris footwear a unique product for style and design.
Even today, the owner Mr. Bruno Famiglietti guarantees craftsmanship in construction, quality in materials
creativity of an exclusive handmade product, with the same dedication and attention to detail
handed down by 3 generations.

Material quality

The Harris shoe comes not only from the experience of the best shoemakers, but above all from the passion for an ancient craft that, despite the continuous stylistic evolution, has become an art form.

Unique shoes, made entirely by hand by master shoemakers who with passion and care dedicate themselves every day to the enhancement of the finished product.

The processes are carried out entirely within the company with a maniacal attention to every detail: the design and design phase of the new models, the choice of natural materials and the exclusive use of high quality leathers according to the techniques handed down by the French masters, the special refinement made entirely by hand with special care on natural and precious leathers, creating shades of color with the use of waxes and creams directly on the upper to obtain a unique product of its kind.